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A Spiritual Republic is a country in which…

True spirituality has transformed our nation into a safe, harmonious, and welcoming place to live and raise future generations in peace………The people are sovereign and each individual has the same inalienable rights as every other individual.……….There is a harmonious spiritual community that is safe, with virtually no crime……..The government exists to protect its citizens, their rights, and their freedom; not to control their lives and rob their liberty………People of all cultures can live in peace and harmony as Americans ……..Prosperity fuels our economy and growth without government choking the life out of both……….Self-responsibility is prized, and entitlement thinking simply doesn’t fit……….Other nations aspire to emulate because of our freedoms, value-based economics, and how much we care about our planet and its future generations.  If we join together to seek the greatest good for all, we can transform our nation, starting today.

A Spiritual Republic