Amethyst crystals will amplify your ability to call forth and use the magic Elixir of the Violet Flame. It will assist you to transmute negative thought patterns, encodings and imperfections of the past and replace them with Seeds of Mastery. See this blessed energy blazing up, through and around you, radiating out in an ever-widening circle, as you join others and help to lift the consciousness of humanity back into the frequencies of Love/Light. The Amethyst Star Tetrahedron combines two of the most important elements of the ascension process, the Violet Flame of Transformation and the Mer-Ka-Ba, our earthly Light Body field, which is in the process of transforming into the ascending MER-KI-VAH Light Body vehicle, which we will need in our upcoming Fifth-Dimensional environment.


SMALL (Approx. ½") AMETHYST MER-KA-BA *We were able to obtain only a limited number of these beautiful and powerful, eight-pointed Amethyst Star Tetrahedrons. 

Amethyst Mer-Ka-Ba