Archangel Michael Speaks to Your Heart and Soul ~ Through Ronna Herman Vezane

Angel Cards Set One:

This is a set of 50 cards with AA Michael quotes from On Wings of Light. Included are cards explaining the positive attributes of the eight major chakras. The color of each card is important because Lord Michael is telling you that you need to focus on the positive qualities of the card you pick as well as the message. Graphics by Matia Michaelson.


Angel Cards Set Two:


This set of 40 cards feature beautiful pictures of the both the feminine and masculine archangels for each of the Seven Rays, in addition to many other beautiful Beings of Light, including Metatron, Melchizedek, Yeshua, Lady Mary, Sandalphon, Mother Earth/Gaia, and the Ladies of the Order of the Goddess. Each card features a special thought for the day that these loving representatives of our Father/Mother God want to convey to you.


Angel Cards Sale: Both Decks

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