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As the year 2020 approaches, I can think of no better way to support our spiritual growth than to review of some of our beloved Archangel Michael’s most pertinent messages. Beloved AA Michael has encouraged me to publish the messages that haven’t been printed in book form in smaller E-BOOKLETS. He has chosen the messages in this booklet, and each message has been updated or added to as he sees fit. 2020 AND BEYOND THE VEIL is the first offering of these important messages from Archangel Michael.  Please note that purchasing this booklet, along with forthcoming titles in this series, does NOT satisfy the book purchase requirement for a personal message from Archangel Michael.        


Now is the time of focus on our “upgraded reality for the future.” We must stay HEART CENTERED AND SOUL FOCUSED as we perfect our cocreative skills by learning to RETURN TO CENTER and to stay NEUTRAL – even while experiencing the many disturbing tests and challenges along the spiraling path of Self-mastery. The vibrations of gratitude and thanksgiving are some of the highest frequencies; sprinkle them liberally throughout your day and watch what happens. I wish you love, peace, joy, good health and abundance, and may your path be filled with Light, rainbows and angel blessings.  Ronna

Beyond the Veil 2020: printed booklet

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