3 different kits:    Please specify which kit you'd like to order:

School - To assist with friendships, social interaction, feeling grounded in crowds, focus during class and studying, being comfortable and confident with yourself, protection and security, helps to make good decisions, increase productivity, creativity and give you courage to try new things. 


Mindful and grounding - To help you focus your attention in the present moment, calming, accepting of your feelings, thoughts and body.  Helps you connect to nature, Mother Earth and to your higher self, helps with anxiety calms your mind and helps you sleep.


Self love and kindness - Helps you know you are worthy of love, respect, compassion, and understanding. And to treat yourself and others with kindness and love. Helps with empathy, mental health and well being to connect and honor your body with good thoughts, exercise and good foods. 


Use natures creations of crystals to help enhance and magnify your qualities and gifts. 


Each kit comes with:

5-7 crystals that are programmed to the specific kit 

One (1) dragon figure

One (1) bottle full of Dragon blood stone crystals to amplify the powers of the other crystals

One (1)  dragon sticker

And a beautiful presentation bag.



Children's Dragon Magic Crystal Kits