MER-KI-VAH VEHICLE OF LIGHT *  THE ASCENDING VEHICLE OF LIGHT: "MER-KA-VAH" in Hebrew means Chariot. Archangel Michael changed "KA" to "KI", for it is an ancient, sacred language word which means "SPIRIT", vital force, Prana or Life Force Energy. Two four-sided pyramids merge during the ascension process, thereby creating our MER-KI-VAH Vehicle of Light. The Earth's and humanity's ascending vehicle of light will evolve, over time, from an eight-pointed star-tetrahedron to a twelve and then a twenty-four pointed star geometric pattern, and it will eventually expand to an even greater size. To distinguish the ascending vehicle from the descending vehicle, it has been named MER-KI-VAH, for it contains the new Divine Blueprint for the future. You must actively seek balance and harmony in your lives in order to tap in and draw forth the Adamantine Particles of Creator Light. Unconditional love is the activating force of Adamantine Particles. Adamantine Particles are the fuel needed to create and activate your MER-KI-VAH ascending vehicle of Light.


SMALL (Approx. ½") MER-KI-VAH * Clear Quartz Star Tetrahedrons. 

Clear Quartz Mer-Ki-Vah