Jean-Luc Bozzoli is a French visionary artist and film-maker with a fluency in the harmonic language of creation. He has a talent for discovering portals in Nature - leading into the vast and infinite realms beyond our current perception. Jean-Luc reveals the encoded messages  and holographic patterns he has uncovered through his explorations. He has lived in the Pacific Islands for the past 42 years and has spent years swimming with wild dolphins and whales who have inspired some of his most provocative work. From a very young age, Jean-Luc had the ability to access the memory of other lives beyond this linear timeline and beyond this time/space reality. This skill is revealed in his DVD titled “Transmuteo” which takes audiences on an interactive evolutionary voyage through the micro and macro dimensions of existence and into the embryo of divine creation itself. For more information, visit

DVD ~ Transmuteo



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