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We all are of the Legion of Michael and the Family of Michael. Each of these beautiful double-terminated crystals has their own story to tell. They are infused with the loving energy and protection of Lord Michael and Lady Faith, as well as the First Ray attributes of Divine Will and Power.

This crystal can be used when you meditate and when you go into your Pyramid of Light in the Fifth Dimension. It will assist in activating the qualities, virtues and attributes of the FIRST RAY OF DIVINE WILL AND POWER.

See a powerful beam of Light pouring forth from Archangel Michael to and through you, and then see this beautiful energy going forth from your heart center and connecting you with your Soul family and the Family / Legions of Michael.

Know that you will always be under the protection of Archangel Michael and will receive his guidance and assistance anytime you ask; however, you must ask for your highest good and the greatest good for all.

The Family of Michael crystals are very powerful; however they also radiate love, peace, joy, abundance and harmony, for that is what Beloved Michael desires for us all.

I have one by my bedside, on the lamp table by my chair, and in my workspace so I can hold it often and feel the radiant energy of his love. There are many other beneficial uses for these beautiful crystals; these are only some of the uses that have been given to me, and that I have found to be effective.

Use your own guidance and allow your Higher-Self to direct you when using the God Cell, Family of Michael crystal or any other crystal or stone.

Family of Michael Crystal

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