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THE GODDESS CRYSTAL The strongest force in the Omniverse is the LOVE FORCE which is radiated through the Essence of the feminine or GODDESS energy of the Creator. First, the Masculine Essence of the Creator brings forth “SEEDS” of new creation within ITS mind, resulting in a Divine Blueprint which is then enfolded within the LOVE CORE or the emotional nature of the Goddess Essence. A wondrous and magnificent process is thereby initiated resulting in creations beyond your greatest imaginings. You, as humans, are one of those magnificent creations.

The Goddess expression, or the feminine aspect of the creator, is becoming more active and prevalent on Earth during these turbulent times of transition. Through an amazing channeled message from “The Ladies of the Goddess Energy.” we were given an opportunity to experience an initiation into the ORDER OF THE GODDESS.


As often happens, shortly after Ronna was given this information, these beautiful, double terminated crystals were made available to us. Call on the Ladies of the Goddess to assist you to claim and perfect a life of ease, grace, love, and prosperity.


A message from AA Michael as transmitted through Ronna Herman Vezane

STAR * QUEST Ronna Herman Vezane

*Copyright* All Rights Reserved

Goddess Crystal

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