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64 cycles per second * This tuner is especially effective to relieve tension in the lower lumbar, sacrum and coccyx areas of the spine. It helps to open the meridians and nerve pathways of the spine. Very effective for deep relaxation and soothing to the nervous system. 


We have offered the Otto Tuners at our seminars for quite some time, but have not had them on our web site. However, after I injured my knee in Salt Lake City, I began using the Otto tuner on the area of soft tissue damage on my knee. I was amazed how quickly the pain lessened and how soon I was able to put my weight on my leg. The Otto Tuner is comparable to acupuncture in that it relaxes the distressed muscles, helps to release the impacted energy and stimulates the blood flow to the area. After demonstrating the Otto Tuners, 126 of the Japanese seminar participants ordered the tuners. These tuners are also my assistant, Cindy’s, favorites, and she and her son, Casey (who plays football) use them often to relieve sore muscles and strains. We supply a sheet of information giving instructions and ways to use the Otto Tuners.

OTTO TUNERS/WEIGHTED TUNERS * The Otto Tuners are for resonating deep within the bone and muscular structure, and for helping to stimulate the nerves and release tension from throughout the body. The OTTO TUNERS resonate to a very deep Earth tone. You can listen to their deep tones for relaxation and meditation, or you can experience both the vibrational energies and the tones directly on the body to assist in a harmonious realignment of the physical structure.

OTTO 64 cps Weighted Tuner

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