You may request a brief, personal message from ARCHANGEL MICHAEL only with purchase of any book authored or co-authored by Ronna. The list of eligible books follows this description. The fee is $77, and you'll need to include your full name and date of birth when you add this request to your shopping cart and book purchase. Only one message may be requested per person.


Although we're offering this as a digital product, you'll actually receive a physical letter in the regular mail. When you purchase this message, you'll receive a download link after you make payment. That link is for a thank you letter, and not your message. Your message will be personally channeled for you, and will take a bit of time. Thank you for your interest in a personal message from Archangel Michael. Love and angel blessings, Ronna.


Please note: Be sure to click "Add a note" on the checkout page to provide your full name and date of birth for your reading. Thank you!


Eligible Books by Ronna:

Book 1: On Wings of Light ebook **A wonderful place to start if you’re new to Archangel Michael’s Wisdom Teachings through Ronna.

Book 2: The Golden Promise print book

Book 3: Your Sacred Quest print book or ebook

Book 4: Let There Be Light print book

Book 5: Revealed Cosmic Truths print book

Book 6: Secrets of Self-Mastery print book

Book 7: The Magic and Majesty of Ascending Humanity print book

Memory Seed Atom ebook


Study Manuals:

Scripting Your Destiny print book or ebook

Reference and Revelations Glossary print book or ebook

Opening to Channel print book or ebook

Symptoms of Ascension print book


Co-Authored with Kevin Adam:

Unified Creator Spirituality print book or ebook **A great place to start if you’re new to spirituality and want an overview of the Wisdom Teachings.

Our Infinite Power print book or ebook


Personal message from Archangel Michael: Add birthdate and name at checkout