"In this book, Quan Yin, through Shih Yin explains in simple understandable terms what this spiritual journey has been all about. It explains how we as spiritual volunteers descended into this three dimensional denseness while forgetting our connection to Divine Spirit. Upon this Earth we experience the effects of Duality, and eventually find our way back to whence we came. The journey has been difficult, but having finally passed the marker we are now in Ascension status and on our way home. The rate at which one ascends depends on one’s free will and intent. Quan Yin Speaks serves as a reference book, describing in simple detail, not only the work required, but the physical, mental and spiritual changes that one can expect to experience in the path of evolution towards Enlightenment. Although one may not consciously choose the Ascension path, all will experience the inevitable changes. This book will assist you to progress at a rate consistent with the amount of work you choose to invest towards your development." —The Hon. D. Kochi

Quan Yin Speaks



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