Archangel Michael's fifth book of messages gives us universal wisdom teachings that were originally reserved for only the most advanced initiates in the retreats and secret wisdom schools:

The Crystalline Grid System * How to anchor the higher frequencies from the Celestial Cities of Light in order to create an environment of peace, beauty and harmony where we live * The River of Love/Life * Adamantine Particles: What they are and how to effectively use them * Twin Flame Reunion * Violet Flame Meditations to help us to release all old karmic patterns and issues, and much more cutting edge information. 

WOULD YOU LIKE TO: Open the portals to your Sacred Heart and Sacred Mind in order to reconnect with the multi-facets of your Divine Self? * Heal, harmonize and revitalize your physical, mental and emotional bodies? * Learn how to tap into the cosmic storehouse of abundance and prosperity? * Claim your spiritual wisdom as you learn to commune with your Higher Self? * Move gracefully into the coming Age of En-lighten-ment, as you learn to rise above the chaos of the turbulent times ahead?

Revealed Cosmic Truths for Ascending Humanity



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