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When to clear space: Anytime! Anywhere! The vibrations of life fill up wherever people are, even when you are making an attempt to keep the space clear. You may clear your space daily, or more often if you like.

Many people clear space before they do certain work, healings, meditations, or ceremonies. You might like to clear the space around yourself at your workplace, or in public rooms, or when you are traveling and staying in hotel or motel rooms. Use your intuition and imagination.

Benefits of using the Crystal Tuner™ and Quartz Crystal to clear space:

  • A non-confrontational way to smooth uneven energies, either in a space or in a situation.

  • Self-cleaning (see instructions below.)

  • With normal use, the tuner is guaranteed to never wear out or break.

  • Convenient: the small size allows it to be carried in a pocket, purse, or tucked in a suitcase when traveling.

  • The frequency is calibrated, exactly like a medical instrument, creating an exceptionally clear tone.

  • The precise sound gives consistent, discernible results.

Teachers use it to clear classrooms between groups of students.
Health practitioners use it between clients to start fresh with each session.
Travelers use it to chase away old energies in motel and hotel rooms.
Individuals use it to clear unwanted energies from apartments, houses, and cars.
Speakers use it before meetings, to clear old energies and to connect the group.
Anyone can use it to generate a clear open space for learning, thinking, and creating, or to clear a room after an unpleasant episode.
Use the Crystal Tuner™ to clear and refresh all your crystals and stones!

Strike the crystal with the tuner to get the vibration started. Then, place the stem of the tuner on the crystal and hold it there for a moment or two, allowing the vibration to totally enter the crystal and clear it. Or, if you prefer, gently wave the vibrating tines of the fork over as many faces of the crystal as convenient, and the vibration will surround the crystal, and clear its energy field. This technique will work to clear other stones also.

This kit contains: a BioSonics™ Crystal Tuner™, and a pocketed carry pouch for protection of the tools when not in use. It also contains a clear quartz crystal infused with Archangel Michael's energy.

About the crystal: This quartz crystal is special. Its energy is pristine; this crystal has not been used for any other purpose before this one. It is a natural point, meaning that it comes from the ground exactly as you see it. Any dings or “imperfections” in the shape are naturally created and contribute to your crystal’s desirability for this purpose because the energy of the crystal has not been tampered with. Quartz crystals possess an awareness of their purpose, and not every crystal is appropriate for this use. Your crystal has been specially selected and lovingly tested for use in the Crystal Clearing Kit. By demonstrating its ability to sound a clear, sweet tone, this crystal has agreed to be a part of the Clearing Kit.
NOTE: Some kits contain a VIOLET FLAME crystal INSEAD of the quartz. These beautifully powerful purple crystals are programmed with Family of Michael energy AS WELL AS Violet Flame Vibrations. 

This Amethyst Crystal will amplify your ability to call forth and use the magic elixir of the Violet Flame. It will help you to release negative thought patterns, encodings and imperfections of the past and replace them with seeds of mastery. The Violet Flame is the gift of the coming Age and will be the predominant Ray/vibration on Earth for the next 2000 years.
The crystal in your kit is the perfect size for clearing smaller, personal spaces. Use it in your aura and to clear space between 2-6 people (such as your family or group of friends). If you are clearing space in a room, begin in one corner (or a spot that feels right, like opposite the doorway), and clear the space in front of you. As the energy begins to move, take a few steps in any direction, sound the fork, and feel the energy continue to move. Follow the movement until you get to a window or corner; turn yourself in another direction, and continue to move the energy. Do this until the entire room is clear.

If you are working with larger, more public spaces or with groups of strangers (like at a workshop, or co-workers) a larger crystal will be useful. Larger crystals make a stronger sound, and move more energy faster and farther away. Please use care in the selection of a crystal. Find one that fits comfortably in your hand, is fairly clear, and relatively free of internal fractures. You should feel some sense of affinity for the crystal and the purpose. Try it out, and identify how the sound “feels”. We look for a “sweet” tone, and all over sense that the crystal is happy being used in this way. A crystal is a living being, so please be respectful of any messages you seem to receive from it. A crystal that doesn’t want to be used for clearing purposes will have a duller, flat sound. If you use it anyway, it may choose to explode or crack.

To use: lay the clear quartz crystal in the palm of one hand, and hold the Crystal Tuner™ by its handle with the other hand. Gently tap the flat part of the fork tine on an edge or the rough end of the crystal (not on the tip). The Crystal Tuner™ will vibrate and sound. Keep your hands about 18” apart, and reach out towards the space you want to clear with both hands, allowing the energy to flow both between the crystal and the crystal tuner and also flow out into the space. “Sense” the energy move out into the room, like waves of water moving away from a tossed pebble. Envision a receptacle, such as a trash can or a black hole, filled with white, cleansing light, positioned outside of the space you are clearing, and send the energy into the receptacle. Repeat several times, each time “sensing” the movement of the energy as the sound and vibration “push” all other vibrations away, out towards the edge of the space. If clearing a space larger than about 10’ x 10’, move yourself to different locations, and repeat the process.

How it works: The fundamental tone of planet Earth is 8 cycles per second (cps). The Crystal Tuner™ sounds at 4096 cps, 9 octaves above the frequency of earth. This 9th octave frequency appears to open doorways to the angelic kingdoms and the realms of spirit guides, so by sounding the frequency, you are accessing higher realms. Being a member of the mineral kingdom, the quartz crystal represents the planet earth, and the sound created by the crystal and the tuning fork bridges heaven and earth. When the quartz is held in the hand, and the tuner is held near it, you can actually feel the vibration flow through the quartz. The frequency of the tuning fork is also opening space between the molecules of the quartz, allowing it to be energized and reflect more light. This sound, light and energy moves away from the source (you) in waves of vibration, acting much like the waves in a pool of water.


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