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When to clear space: Anytime! Anywhere! The vibrations of life fill up wherever people are, even when you are making an attempt to keep the space clear. You may clear your space daily, or more often if you like.

Many people clear space before they do certain work, healings, meditations, or ceremonies. You might like to clear the space around yourself at your workplace, or in public rooms, or when you are traveling and staying in hotel or motel rooms. Use your intuition and imagination.

Benefits of using the Crystal Tuner™ and Quartz Crystal to clear space:

  • A non-confrontational way to smooth uneven energies, either in a space or in a situation.

  • Self-cleaning (see instructions below.)

  • With normal use, the tuner is guaranteed to never wear out or break.

  • Convenient: the small size allows it to be carried in a pocket, purse, or tucked in a suitcase when traveling.

  • The frequency is calibrated, exactly like a medical instrument, creating an exceptionally clear tone.

  • The precise sound gives consistent, discernible results.

Teachers use it to clear classrooms between groups of students.
Health practitioners use it between clients to start fresh with each session.
Travelers use it to chase away old energies in motel and hotel rooms.
Individuals use it to clear unwanted energies from apartments, houses, and cars.
Speakers use it before meetings, to clear old energies and to connect the group.
Anyone can use it to generate a clear open space for learning, thinking, and creating, or to clear a room after an unpleasant episode.
Use the Crystal Tuner™ to clear and refresh all your crystals and stones!

Strike the crystal with the tuner to get the v