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SWORD OF MICHAEL LIVING LIGHT WAND: The Michael wand is made of Sparkling Clear Swarovski Crystal 5.75 inches long with clear and cobalt blue Swarovski crystals. 


he Sword of Michael and the Chakra Light Wands were inspired by Archangel Michael and created by Cindy Cruess. These beautiful, sparkling Swarovski crystals are of the highest quality and they have been specifically designed to help us remember that we were once magnificent Beings of Light. Lord Michael states: "The wands are symbolic of the crystalline Light body, called your Adam/Eve Kadmon Light body, which is your perfect Light form in the higher realms. You were in this form when you first came onto the earth plane and eventually encased it in a cloak of flesh. These wands will especially trigger memories in those of you we call the STARSEEDS. There are geometric patterns within the crystal structure, along with the Ray colors, which will aid in the balancing and harmonize of the chakra system. The wands will also assist in the reawakening of your Divine potential as you endeavor to reclaim your beautiful vessel of Light." You may hold the wand in your hand to assist you in your visualization during meditation or place the wand close by so you will be constantly reminded that you too bear crystalline Light and the beautiful colors, qualities and virtues of the Twelve Rays of God Consciousness within your physical vessel. Each wand is hand decorated and blessed by Archangel Michael.

SWORD OF MICHAEL Aurora Borealis/Living Light Wand

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