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Surround yourself in Archangel Michael's energies of Love, Protection, and Empowerment with The Signet of the Legion of Lord Michael.

Designed in cloisonne, this 1 1/8" circular medallion carries Michael's vibration. The sacred geometry in the design plus the chosen colors combine to form jewelry that is both beautiful to see and magnificient to wear. It represents Michael and his Legions of Angels in their service of protection, loving assistance, and the right use of Will in aiding humanity.

In his position as the head of God's Forces of Light, he carries the title of "Lord". Michael, with his sword of blue-flame, eternally stands ready to protect and defend so that the Divine Plan of Love and Light will ultimately succeed. Many people around the world love Archangel Michael and recognize his Signet as very special and something to be cherished.


  • Cobalt Blue: The color of Archangel Michael's ray expressing omnipotence, perfection, protection, faith, and the desire to do the Will of God through the power of the Father.

  • Gold: Representing divinity and kingship, it is the vibration of Love made manifest.

  • White: Purity, wholeness.


  • Eleven gold letters above, eleven letters below - 11:11. With the addition of the two Stars of David, this becomes 12:12. We have moved from the gateway of the 11:11 into 12:12, the Dawning of the Golden Age.

  • Nine cobalt blue circles.  Nine symbolizes completion and is the number of the universe.

  • Eight golden rays. As above, so below. The balance between the spiritual and material worlds, it is the strength and perseverance to see things through.

  • Sixteen golden circles, symbolizing the destruction of the old and the birth of the new, the Re-union with the Source of All Life.

The Archangel Michael Signets are also available as a Pendant or Key Chain.


The Signet of Archangel Michael Lapel Pin

$15.00 Regular Price
$10.00Sale Price
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