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Unified Creator Spirituality explains the concepts given in Archangel Michael’s messages in a clear and easy to understand way. This Spiritual Digest of the latest complex spiritual concepts and universal laws has been designed to assist the reader to quickly comprehend, integrate and live the powerful new wisdom teachings, which are an integral part of our forthcoming Fifth-Dimensional reality.


Humanity is changing, and our spirituality is becoming more refined. It’s time to embrace our true spiritual nature; it’s time to acknowledge an important part of us that has been given too little attention in the modern era. Unified Creator Spirituality shines a light onto our true origins, and our true Selves. This book clearly and simply identifies the spirituality designed for us by our Creator. Anyone who believes they are a spiritual student, or a seeker, will find answers within the pages of this book that they have long sought. When you embrace this spiritual philosophy, you will find yourself face-to-face with the real YOU – and with God.


What you’ll find inside:

  • The Supreme Creator
  • Birth of our Universe
  • Dimensions
  • Universal Spiritual Laws
  • Divine Will
  • Unity Consciousness
  • Free Will
  • Sacred Heart and Sacred Mind
  • Spiritual Self-mastery
  • Spiritual Growth and Ascension
  • Manifestation and Abundance
  • A Spiritual Glossary
  • … and much more.

This book provides a great summary of many important spiritual principles.

Unified Creator Spirituality

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