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VOGEL CUT CRYSTALS ** (New Shipment - Limited Quantities)
THE NEW DIVINE BLUEPRINT VOGEL-CUT CRYSTALS ARE MASTER MAGNIFIERS. Your VOGEL CRYSTAL will enhance and magnify your positive thoughts and the vibrational patterns you project, and it will also unify and enhance the power of your other crystals, for it will create a harmonious interaction between all your crystals. Attune to your Vogel-cut crystal when you receive it via the Infinity Breath and your intention, and then place all your other crystals closely around it so they are all touching.  After saying some appropriate affirmations, do a series of Infinity Breaths and blow on the crystals on each out-breath. You and your crystals will then be connected by RAY-diating streams of God-Light containing your New Divine Blueprint for the Aquarian Age.

Vogel Cut Clear Quartz Crystal

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