Available in Gold-tone and Silver-tone wire for the body, and I have many colors for the wings.  If you have a special request of colors, please feel free to contact me. * Lovingly handcrafted by Cindy, these special pins are available in Birthstone Colors and / or Chakra Colors. Angel Pins are approx 3" long. The earrings are approx 1 ½" long.

I will contact you for your color choice.


$5.00 plus S/H

Also available matching Earrings (pierced only) $15.00 pair (No additional shipping if ordered with Pin).


MONTH                        COLOR/STONE                             CHAKRA

JANUARY                      DARK RED/GARNET

FEBRUARY                    DARK PURPLE/AMETHYST         7TH * CROWN

MARCH                         AQUAMARINE

APRIL                            CLEAR/DIAMOND                         8TH * SOUL STAR

MAY                               DARK GREEN/EMERALD              4TH * HEART

JUNE                             LT PURPLE/ALEXANDRITE

JULY                              RED/RUBY                                   1ST * ROOT

AUGUST                        LIGHT GREEN/PERIDOT

SEPTEMBER                  BLUE/SAPPHIRE                        5TH * THROAT

OCTOBER                      PINK/TOURMALINE

NOVEMBER                    ORANGE/GOLD TOPAZ              2ND * NAVEL

DECEMBER                    BLUE/BLUE ZIRCON

                                               YELLOW                             3RD * SOLAR PLEXUS

                                               INDIGO                               6TH * THIRD EYE

Wire Angel Pins * Handcrafted by Cindy Cruess