BUILDING YOUR LIGHT BODY Meditation Program by Kevin Adam




A NEW, CUTTING-EDGE MEDITATION PROGRAM IS NOW AVAILABLE to help you BUILD YOUR MULTI-DIMENSIONAL LIGHT BODY, as Archangel Michael has spoken of in his messages. With detailed instructions, and five pre-recorded short meditations - listened to for one week each - this new program is designed to assist you in building your Light Body in the most expedient way.


Some of the things you’ll find in this program:


* How our Divine Self/God Self fragments into density and physicality  

* The MerKaBah described

* The MerKiVah described

* The transition from MerKaBah to MerKiVah

* How we connect with and integrate our Sacred Triads

* The shapes of our developing Light Body

* Meditations to perfect and activate your Multi-Dimensional Light Body, which is an essential part of the Ascension process


So why build your Light Body? Once completed, your Light Body acts like a bridge connecting you to higher spiritual frequencies. This connection could substantially boost your spiritual growth. If you feel a Soul “nudge,” or something in these words drawing you, then you know it’s a spiritual step you’re ready to take at this time. Please use the contact form if you have comments or questions, or send them directly to kevin@kevinadam.com. I'd love to hear your feedback. Thank you!

Build Your Light Body Meditation Program



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