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From a live seminar held on Saturday, June 8th, 2019


In every era and major cycle, Cosmic Wisdom and Divine Truth are made available to those with open minds and loving hearts. It is time for an understanding of where humankind stands on the ladder of evolution. Each person must gain the knowledge of and have a desire to fulfill his / her personal Destiny. As you balance and harmonize your vibrational patterns within the Third- / and the Fourth-Dimensional environment, a major influx of “OverSoul Consciousness” is downloaded into the Sacred Mind and Sacred heart. In ancient teachings these “enhanced levels of Spiritual awareness” were termed “Initiations.” We will call this transformation process “STAGES OF ASCENSION AND SELF-MASTERY.”


Please note that this download is video files, and most of the files are large sized so downloading may take some time, depending on your Internet connection speed.



Group Pyramid – Violet Flame Invocation – Pyramids – 5 minutes

Activating the Positive Qualities of your Sacred Mind Centers – 13 minutes

Grimes Point Portal and Pyramids – 2 minutes

What is your Clair Meditation – 10 minutes

Lord Melchizedek Message – 12 minutes

Meet Your Totem Animal – 13 minutes

Opening the Portal of your Sacred Heart – 2 minutes


Merging Spirit with Matter – 9 minutes

Different Types of Energy – 8 minutes

Journey into Destiny – 26 minutes

Laws of Karma – 5 minutes

Dragons, Elohim and Devic Kingdom – 7 minutes

Understanding the Sacred Triad – 11 minutes

Special Archangel Michael Message For This Program (Message not from This Seminar) – 18 minutes

Carson Valley Inn Seminar Video Replay

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