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Humanity is changing. Spirituality is changing. It’s time for more people to join those who have taken the steps to achieve Self-mastery and live the Creator’s plan for us. Our Infinite Power shares essential insights you need to know, and detailed instructions on how to put the spiritual principles from Archangel Michael’s messages to work in your everyday life for these important aspects of spiritual growth:


  • How to use the Violet Flame
  • Managing fear and judgment
  • How to overcome the ego
  • Achieving true humility
  • How to thin and pierce your veil
  • Mastering the Alpha state
  • Master meditation
  • Reprogram your beliefs
  • Develop your spiritual senses
  • Learn to use your personal discernment
  • How to be in balance
  • How to work toward harmlessness
  • Sacred Breathing techniques
  • Learn to tap the energy of the Still Point
  • Harness the power of feelings and emotions
  • Advanced affirmations
  • Learn to trust your intuition
  • How to connect with your Higher Self and spiritual guides
  • Using the Rays and personal Rays
  • Finding your spiritual purpose
  • How to be a detached observer
  • How to be a Self-master
  • How to develop serenity
  • Align with Divine Will
  • … and much more.


Kevin and Ronna are long-time spiritual students and mentors, and this book has been written from our experience. Allow us to share our knowledge with you to help you reach the goal of Self-mastery in this lifetime.

Our Infinite Power ebook

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