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Life is busy these days, and fitting in time to meditate every day can be difficult. We have a solution for you that works together with our book Our Infinite Power. It’s a large collection of short-form meditations for you to download and use at your convenience.


The best part? Most of them are under five minutes long. Only a few are over ten minutes, so these guided meditations are easy to fit into a busy schedule. Plus, we’ve done all the heavy lifting for you, since each of these meditations was performed as it was recorded, meaning that the energy of the meditation comes through, with all the benefits, simply from listening.


Although they don’t replace the long-form meditations, they’ll make a substantial difference in your spiritual progress when you use them consistently. And how much experience you have with meditation doesn’t really matter. When you listen to them, you’ll:


* Experience the full depth of every meditation as the energy of it helps your growth.

* Receive the full benefits of guided meditation simply by listening.

* Have the opportunity to apply all the benefits of meditation to your daily life.

* Receive over 80 guided meditations.


If you’re looking for a way to help your progress, but don’t have much time, give these meditations a try. The time invested will very likely pay large dividends, so consider adding these into your spiritual routine. Plus, since they’re downloads, you can start today.

Our Infinite Power Meditations Download

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