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BOOK SIX * Messages of hope and inspiration from Archangel Michael as transmitted through Ronna


Ronna/Sacred Scribe

OverLighted by Archangel Michael and the Cosmic Council of Light


In Archangel Michael’s sixth book of messages, he takes us even deeper into the Sacred Wisdom Teachings, which are being revealed especially for these wondrous times of transformation /ascension. He is guiding and directing us as clearly as possible, so that we will be prepared to move into the entry level of a Fifth-Dimensional environment. This is not an easy journey; however, speaking from experience, I will say that it is well worth the effort. We are being given an opportunity to live in a world of harmony, balance, loving interaction and abundance. However, we must make the effort and do the work. This is a group ascension process; however, it is up to each of us as to how easy or how difficult it will be, and also what level of en-Lighten-ment we wish to attain. Please join us in this “SPIRITUAL REVOLUTION,” as we go forward together as Self-masters and World Servers. Eternal love and angel blessings, Ronna




**GOD-SEED ATOM: In the advanced teachings Archangel Michael began giving me in mid-2014, he started referring to our I AM Presence / God Self as our GOD-SEED ATOM. He explained that this is a more accurate term for our fully conscious God Self. He has begun to use other advanced terms as he gradually gives us more information about our destination for this round of ascension, the entry level of the FIFTH DIMENSION.


**HIGHER SELF / OVERSOUL: Archangel Michael calls this facet of our Being, “our resident OverSoul / Higher Self.” After we have integrated vibrational frequencies attuned to the mid-Fourth Sub-Dimensions, the fragments of our Higher Self within each sub-dimensional level, will slowly begin to align with our column of Light, and then will gradually move up to the next higher sub-level. The OverSoul/Higher Self, next in line, will move into and take up residency within your Eighth-Chakra, SOUL STAR. As you adjust your physical vessel to each higher frequency level, your OverSoul / Higher Self will gradually download its vibrational patterns, knowledge and attributes into your physical vessel. This process of progressively integrating more and more Creator Light is called: THE STAGES of ASCENSION.

Secrets of Self-Mastery eBook

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  • Valerie Lindley07 févr.
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    Heaven sent

    I have benefited immensely from this book. Living in a world of chaos this book will help you learn how to change your mindset your perspectives and your world. Thank you Ronna 🙏

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    Star Quest
    14 févr.

    Thank you, dear heart. Angel blessings, Ronna

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