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Personally, I feel Your Sacred Quest and Scripting Your Destiny contain some of the most important information that A.A. Michael has ever given us. Thousands of people have proven that the techniques work, and they are a blessed gift, if you are ready to move out of victimhood into victory and Self-mastery.

Love and angel blessings, Ronna


"I have never read a more powerful book. As I read Archangel Michael's messages, I seem to automatically release deep-seated blockages and a comforting sense of peace washes over me. My deepest thanks and gratitude to Archangel Michael and to you, Ronna, for "Lightening" my path." - A.B.

"Your Sacred Quest delves deep into the workings of the universe and helps us to understand our cosmic lineage. The information in your books warms my heart, and gives me encouragement when I am feeling low and need to view things from a broader prospective." R. T. "The messages in Your Sacred Quest have great integrity and substance, and are ensconced in a loving energy envelope. The current energies are indeed a challenge for all of us to integrate, but this is exactly what we have all dreamed of creating and experiencing. My profound thanks." - C.R.  

Your Sacred Quest ebook

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