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Ronna Herman Vezane

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Are you ready to let go of past limitations so that you may claim your God-given gifts, talents, virtues and abilities?


Would you like to move through these turbulent times of change with ease and grace?


The wisdom teachings of Archangel Michael through Ronna, along with her certified staff of QUEST FOR MASTERY teachers, will assist you in becoming the wondrous, Spiritual /human

Being you are meant to be.


We offer proven methods of how to blend your physical, worldly intelligence with scientific data, OverLighted by Spiritual wisdom and awareness.


Join with hundreds of thousands of brave Souls who are now World Servers of the Light.


Love and Angel Blessings,


Ronna Vezane


Are you ready to claim your Divine Birthright as a co-creator of beauty, harmony, abundance and loving relationships?

Would you like to heal, harmonize and revitalize your physical, mental, and emotional bodies?


Would you like to learn how to tap into the cosmic storehouse of abundance and prosperity? 

Would you like to claim your spiritual wisdom as you learn to communicate with your Higher Self  and your angelic guides and teachers? 

Would you like to move gracefully into the coming New Age, as you learn to rise above the chaos of the turbulent times ahead? 

You will learn all the above and much, much more through AA Michael’s seven books of messages, study manuals, and his free monthly messages (via Email). Sign up in the box on the right.


Book One:  On Wings of Light
Book Two:  The Golden Promise
Book Three:  Your Sacred Quest
Book Four:  Let There Be Light
Book Five:  Revealed Cosmic Truths
Book Six: Secrets of Self Mastery * Keys to Ascension

Book Seven: The Magic and Majesty of Ascending Humanity



Dearest friends and Soul companions, over the many past years, it has been our great pleasure to post AA Michael's Monthly Messages. However, we have borne the expense to post and supply the messages free of charge for many years, and it costs to post messages on our website. Therefore, if you feel the messages are of value to you, we are asking you to consider making a donation in support of our work. Eternal love and angel blessings, Ronna

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