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Humanity is changing, and our spirituality is becoming more refined. It’s time to embrace our true spiritual nature; it’s time to acknowledge an important part of us that has been given too little attention in the modern era. Unified Creator Spirituality shines a light onto our true origins, and our true Selves. This book clearly and simply identifies the spirituality designed for us by our Creator. Anyone who believes they are a spiritual student, or a seeker, will find answers within the pages of this book that they have long sought. When you embrace this spiritual philosophy, you will find yourself face-to-face with the real YOU – and with God.


What you’ll find inside:

  • The Supreme Creator
  • Birth of our Universe
  • Dimensions
  • Universal Spiritual Laws
  • Divine Will
  • Unity Consciousness
  • Free Will
  • Sacred Heart and Sacred Mind
  • Spiritual Self-mastery
  • Spiritual Growth and Ascension
  • Manifestation and Abundance
  • A Spiritual Glossary
  • … and much more.

This book provides a great summary of many important spiritual principles.

Unified Creator Spirituality ebook

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