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About Archangel Michael

Through many succeeding cycles of time, as Ray after Ray provided The Pathway for the descent of new Spirits, Lord Michael has remained as the Guardian Overlord of the Angelic Host, the Elemental Kingdom and humanity. He shall not fold his Cosmic Wings about him to return home until the final Angelic Being is freed, the last man is redeemed and the last Elemental returned to its perfect state. This is the love of Lord Michael, who like many others, is a Prisoner of Love to the life he serves.

Archangel Michael is referred to as the greatest of all angels in writings throughout the world, including Jewish, Christian and Islamic.

Love and Gratitude toWalter Bruneel
Archangel Michael and the "First Ray" of Divine Will and Power

A true master of the "First Ray" walks softly, speaks his/her truth, is assertive, not aggressive, and carries Archangel Michael's symbolic flaming sword of power and strength, tempered by love and compassion.

Accepting the gift of Lord Michael's sword of Divine will, truth and valor means always using God's word and law to eliminate error and overcome adversity. It will guide and protect you as you move through the shadows of illusion into the eternal light of truth.

After you have earned the right to once again use the energies of the "First Ray," you can activate and enhance its powers by visualizing a ray of brilliant blue light, tinged with flames of deep red. Bathe yourself in this beautiful energy by standing in a beam of this Divine light. Use with moderation, however, as this Ray can be very intense.


Angels -- Their Origin, Nature & Purpose


From Ronna Herman Vezane, a channel for Archangel Michael and Sacred Scribe.

The mission of angelic beings is to protect, nurture, and guide Humanity. There are many diverse, conflicting beliefs among the different races, cultures, and religions, but one thing they all have in common is a belief in angels, no matter what they call them.

Angelic Beings are the messengers for our Father/Mother God, and they act as intermediaries between the God Head, the Spiritual Hierarchy, and humanity. They also act as a transition team during times of great change, such as we are presently experiencing. We are in the midst of the foretold great evolutionary changes, and humanity is coming of age. We are in the process of becoming Spiritual/human Beings, and we are expanding our consciousness beyond our own little environment as we begin to explore our solar system and beyond. We are endeavoring to understand and live the Universal Laws and understand the science of Spirituality, and not just the emotions of Spirituality. If we will just open our minds and hearts to the possibility that angels exist and ask for their assistance, they will inspire us, help us create health and abundance, and to live in peace and joy. However, we must ask for their cooperation and assistance, for we have free will and they will not infringe. They radiate unconditional love and will help us do the same. I never feel alone, I always have my angelic friends beside me to give me guidance, wisdom, and comfort. Dear friends turn inward and ask, your guardian angel is waiting for you.

Additional Extensive background information about angels, Archangel Michael, the Seven Great Archangels of our galaxy, the Evolution of Angels, First Ray of Divine Will and Power can be found in Archangel Michael's Monthly Messages, and his seven books of messages: On Wings of Light * The Golden Promise  *Your Sacred Quest * Let There Be Light * Revealed Cosmic Truths for Ascending Humanity * Secrets of Self-mastery * The Magic and Majesty of Ascending Humanity.


Some Additional Background on Angels

The Great Archangels represent the seven primary feelings, the aspects, virtues, qualities, and attributes of our Father/Mother God which must be developed within the nature of Humankind to attain Masterhood. They bring forth the fuel--the Love/Light energy of our Father/Mother God.

There are three distinct types of Intelligent Life: Angels, Humankind, and Elementals, who were brought forth to unfold their God Natures in this special Sub-Universal experience. Their combined energies were ordained to maintain the spiritual Light Bridge which connects us to the Heart of our Mother/Father God.

The Angelic Host came forth under the direction of the twelve Great Archangels who came from the universal Great Central Sun to assist the Elohim and great Builders of Form to create the galaxies, star systems, and planets within this Sub-Universe. This unique Sub-Universe was created from a Divine Blueprint sent forth from our Father/Mother God, using the Sacred Fire Light called Adamantine Particles, which were radiated forth from the Heart Center of the Supreme Creator.

Archangel Michael - First Ray

Archangel Michael

First Ray

The Seven Great Archangels

The following list shows the predominant Seven God Rays of our Solar System and the great Archangels; those who convey more of the masculine qualities of our Father God, and the Archaii, who convey the feminine qualities of our Mother God.  These Great Beings RAY-diate the qualities, virtues and attributes of God-consciousness. We were endowed with a full measure of godly gifts when we first embodied on planet Earth. We are striving to integrate and activate these abilities once more, which leads to Self-mastery and, eventually, access to the five higher Rays of galactic God-consciousness.

Archangel Faith First Ray Fminine

Archangel Faith

First Ray

Evolution of Angels

The Archangels and the Angelic Kingdom have broken their Cosmic silence for the first time in many thousand years and opened the door to their realms of Consciousness and radiation to all those of humanity who choose to accept their presence and their gifts.

Now, as the New Age is dawning on the Earth, with it comes a fiat from the Eternal to unite the Kingdoms of Angels, humanity, and the Elementals in conscious cooperation in an endeavor to fulfill the Divine Plan. In obedience to this Fiat, the Archangels are coming closer to us, bringing not only THEIR LOVE, THEIR RADIATION, AND THEIR SERVICE, but also a description of their world, their works and activities, helping us to remember our heritage, lineage, and from whence we came.

The world of angels is a world of love--a golden sea of pulsating, breathing, radiant flame. The only way to experience their presence is through love; however, this love must be clothed in great inner peace and tranquility. Love, color, nature's perfume, and the basic virtues of God's feeling draw them like a magnet. The feeling world is the magnetic power that attracts the angels. Faith, love and absolute obedience to the Creator and our Father/Mother God are their basic qualities.

Respecting human free will, they will never impose or interfere in the affairs of humanity. They are only attracted to those who have faith in them, love them, and seek their cooperation.

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