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Beloved Masters....

Beloved masters, allow me to take you on a journey. Instead of sending my energy down to intermingle with yours, please sense your Spirit Essence lifting up the column of Light that is your connection to the higher realms, and I will join you there. I wish you to remember and experience what it was like when you were in Spirit form, before you condensed your Essence into the density of the physical body. It is important that you, once again, become accustomed to your lighter, more refined form.

If necessary, start with your imagination, for it is time to begin to soar and explore the world of higher reality, the world of all possibilities. Feel the excitement and freedom of Spirit, draw on our strength and

courage to help you go forth as you fulfill your own special mission.

Accept this gift of unity we offer, and never again will you feel alone. Let us walk hand-in-hand across the bridge of Light that leads to the new Golden Age. Know that I am with you always as your guide and protector. I AM Archangel Michael.


Why am I here on Earth and what is my mission?

What is my Divine lineage and heritage, and how do I claim it?

What is ascension all about, and how do I attain it?

How can I release all the guilt, fear and painful experiences of the past?

What does the Creator have planned for us in the New Age?

How can we avoid the chaos and destruction that is rampant on Earth,

and live in peace and harmony?

What must I do to have abundance and loving relationships in my life?

Why is building a Pyramid of Light/Power in the Fifth Dimension so important?


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