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Dearest Friends, Soul Family and Companions on the Journey. As you all now know, I have been through an extreme Rite of Passage over the past two years and there has been much change. I will begin my “96 th year around the Sun on November 30 th of this year. I can no longer handle all the multiple tasks involved in my work, as I have in the past. It is also time for me to focus on the amazing, new and advanced information that I am now receiving from AA Michael/Lady Faith and the Ascended Master’s Cosmic Council of Light (AMCCOL).

For the past thirty-five years I have almost totally committed my life to my “Mission as a messenger for AA Michael.” Beginning in 1994, I traveled the world holding seminars and workshops and I was compensated very well. However, since I no longer hold seminars and all of Archangel Michael’s teachings are distributed via the WEB or printed form via USPS, my income has dropped dramatically. Especially, two years ago, after I gave Barry Peterson and David Nichols, owner of “ABOVE AND BEYOND DUALITY,” along with Randall Monk, permission to freely narrate and post on YouTube any and all of AA Michael’s books and messages.

I have been told by the “Powers That Be” that it is time to advance my work. To increase and sustain the reach of AA Michael’s Messages, as well as share all the new, advanced teachings, I must begin asking for FAIR compensation for my work; which that in the past, I have faithfully given FREE of charge. I have and will continue to endeavor to make as many of the teachings accessible to as many as I possibly can. Please be aware that there are still a multitude of past narrated messages and other StarQuestMastery postings available, along with Ronna Vezane and Randall Monk Gems of Wisdom monthly videos. Over the past six months, I have been blessed to have an excellent new Team suddenly appear in my life, to help me create an expanded, professional Website, so that we can offer a great variety of Archangel Michael’s teachings in a variety of forms.

Rebecca Morman is my new Office Manager and Assistant, as well as a qualified Spiritual teacher. I have also teamed up with Charlie Palumbo, who is an accomplished author and spiritual counselor. She and Rebecca will offer a variety of classes and ongoing workshops. They will add their valuable wisdom teachings to AA Michael’s and mine, as they prepare and offer on-going classes and important tools to assist all of you on your “Accelerated Path of Ascension.”

I am pleased to announce that I will regularly post both new, advanced information along with a series of articles and important reviews of past teachings. Our new WEBSITE and our SOCIAL CHANNELS will have a “PAID SUBSCRIBER’S SECTION,” as well as a FREE * PUBLIC SECTION. Eventually, we plan to have a narrated section, as well Videos and Illustrations, along with all of Archangel Michael’s past, present and future teachings.

**Membership channel on Youtube "Preserving Legacy" will have hundreds of videos as well as a future advanced teaching membership with new videos.

GO TO MY WEBSITE: to be added to our “Free and Paid Subscriber’s List” for the future. It will take some time and so we ask you to “bear with us.” We promise it will be worth the wait. I send you all my deepest love and blessings, Ronna



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