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We are walking in two worlds

"You are about to enter a doorway into another reality – a world where unique talents and attributes are a normal part of who you are. You are experiencing a physical reality and a non- physical reality at the same time. You have spent more time in a non-physical reality than in the physical world. Earthly existence is merely a moment in time compared to the time spent in the higher realms." (Archangel Michael via Ronna Vezane,

When we break free of the massive illusory world of 3D and lower 4D we begin to see ourselves as the Human/Divines that we truly are.

It is a truism that we walk between the worlds, and the more we open ourselves up to a deep knowing of who we are, we realize that our time on Earth in physical reality, is fleeting indeed.

Walking between worlds is not for the faint of heart. It takes immense courage to be on the Earth right now, as Wayshowers of the Light. All of the teachings and the exercises that we have received from Lord Michael and other Masters from every tradition have prepared us for this precise moment in time. This is the most critical time that the Earth has ever faced. We are standing in the midst of history as one age is being shut down to prepare for the next. We are part of the "transition team", as it were, along with the Angels in the Higher Realms. Archangel Michael has told us that our presence as transducers of Light has saved the Earth from "sure destruction."

When we get faint of heart, we must remember our magnificence and our true Divine Heritage. As we remember, we start to access the natural gifts and attributes that we have left behind on our long sojourn into the lower realms of density. The Angels, Archangels. Ascended Masters and Great Beings of Light have never been more available to show us the way. We hold the Light for the planet, humanity and all of creation, and ultimately for the galaxy beyond, while we slowly return to our home in the stars. We do not leave the Earth until our mission is accomplished and our destiny realized, the one that we agreed to before this vital incarnation.

This is the significance of the time we are in. We are all in this together. For the Highest good of all.



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